Keeping the Little Guy Little

13 07 2010

image by ally reeves. 2010.

Street food admittedly, is not always the most healthy stuff. I’ve seen a few redeeming things on the streets of Mumbai to name a few the juice carts, sandwhich vendors, subje and bhel vendors are serving things that could easily slide into the healthy cartegory. Cross the Atlantic to the US and Canada though, and a majority of what’s on the streets is quick (often oily) noodles, hot dogs, and other other hastily prepared not-so healthy (albeit delicious) treats.

In a recent write up from Newswire PR TODAY is an article about a cart that’s of interest, a vending cart that’s an extension of a larger chain of cafes and a home meal delivery service, Licious Living. I try to keep an eye on where and how vendors are legalized and what’s behind the push that puts a business on the street. Historically, Street Vendors are often the little guy trying to get a foot into the market. ¬†What happens when larger businesses start taking it to the street as well? With more lobbying power and money to boot, if chains are interested in opening carts on the city street there’s much more of a likelihood they’ll be able to argue their point thoughtfully and that they’ll have greater sway.

I hope that as cities around the world consider where and how to allow vendors on to the streets certain restrictions are in place to allow room for small start up businesses, and that movements to bring back street vendors don’t become the next hip market to corner.


Here’s to the NY street vendors: Street Meat

29 04 2010

A few images from Start with Typewriters made me long for the NY streets…

San Francisco with the classy street crepes:

24 03 2010


“As most other street vendors who serve food tend to stick with not-necessarily-healthy-but-very-delicious menu options, The Creperie tries to hit the downtown/financial district crowd with a more healthy (and still delicious) alternative. They also offer weekday lunchtime service, in addition to the late-night hours on weekends…..”

read more about how the creperie is taking organic to the streets…

NY street vendors use Twitter to share cart locations!

23 03 2010

A great idea: helping customers find a roving street vendor by using Twitter!

Read more about NYC’s StreetVendors Jumping on the Twitter Bandwagon…

Images of Indian Street Vendors

15 01 2010

All photos in this segment are taken by me during my travels… they are from Lonavala, Mumbai, Matheran, and Pondicherry in India. I’m fascinated by the many designs hawker’s carts utilize to perform only slightly different functions. Of course some carts are pieced together and are composed of whatever materials were available. This same entry is cross-posted on amore general topic blog, Linguistic Underpinnings.