Traffic a Blessing for Hawkers: Hawkers a Blessing for Traffic?

18 12 2010

An article from African Press covers a Nigerian account of how hawkers can have a very profitable experience when it comes to traffic jams. In many third world countries traffic is a wild and uncertain experience; roads tend to be randomly marked, signage is tough to come by, and wrecks can be frequent. Traffic jams are the norm.

Can Hawkers also be a blessing to traffic? Persons stranded in traffic are often also at and advantage when hawkers stop in. Water, snacks, and other goods come straight to a customer as he/she sits in the comfort of a car.  Of course it is a trade-off where the winner in the situation is shifting. Sometimes it is convenience, some times nuisance.  Indeed, I have been hounded by annoying hawkers as I sat frustrated in a taxi. I’ve also been thrilled when someone approached with a snack of peanuts and water as I sat baking on the Mumbai freeway…

“Traffic: Blessing for the hawkers
By John Ameh
Thursday, 16 Dec 2010

The faces in the vehicles are not smiling. They look exasperated, to say the least. Cars honk endlessly and abusive words are hauled in all directions.

Everyone wants to get to their destination. On the right side of the road, several vehicles are parked. A driver fiddles with the engine compartment. One or all of them may be overheating.

On the left side of the road, another drama unfolds –people are arguing over a “bumper-to-bumper” accident. In the background, a teenage hawker is heard calling, “pure water”, “oga buy pure water.”

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(photo below by Johnny Greig. Click here to Learn more or purchase this photo.)


Stone Masons, Flute vendor, Crawford Market street vendors

20 07 2010

Striking here is the image of the family of Koli (fisher people), the arabs sitting atop cargo in a truck and the vendors set up in front of Crawford Market ( the building with the fancy stripped arches), an area that even today teems with vendors who snatch any free scrap of space in this well known retail, antique and vegetable district.

This is the last in a series of posts of found antique vendor images from a local Bizarre in Mumbai. If you happen to use these photos, please site the source. Feel free to add any comments if you recognize the specific locations in which these photographs were taken, or if you’d like to add notes about the nature of the work the people are doing.

Poultry Vendor and Grain Vendors in India

20 07 2010

Indian Tailors, Antique Photographs

20 07 2010

Modern Tailors of India look just the same as these older photographs portray. Often you will see a male tailor set up along the streets waiting for people to stop in and bring their garments. The exception here is the older woman tailor. I suspect this to be an image from a shop or a home. I did not see any female tailors working alone in shops or as assistants when I visited in 2009-2010.  A tailor is a well-respected person socially and tailoring is seen as a bit of an art for creative persons. Tailors are often refered to as “Master” or “Master Ji”.

Vegetable Vendor, Grainwala, Potato Man

20 07 2010

More Antique photos from a Mumbai Bizarre. I like the Potato Vendor with the Pheri (rolling four-wheeled cart). You can tell that people jumped into the photograph to pose as his customers.

Bangles, Bikewala, Carpenter

20 07 2010

A beautiful bikewala photo, an interesting bangle vendor and an angry looking carpenter: just a few more antique street vendor photos.

More beautiful antique vendor photos

20 07 2010

A nice picture of a woman working a hand loom, and a few cobblers.